Advanced Desktop Locker Pro 6 download

Advanced Desktop Locker Pro 6 download


Advanced Desktop Locker Pro Final + Serial

Advanced Desktop Locker (ADL) is an easy to use desktop security, you can your desktop closes with a click. With this software no one can access your desktop or your important files, you can protect with a password your desktop and display custom message to any one click your desktop, our software include click-click and invalid password entry, so that you know or try someone to get to your computer.

Ukan protected with a passwordADL options and pagbabagomaster password of the program easy,

Advanced Desktop Locker allows you to prevent virtual desktop that people accessing your icons on the desktop and make your private files, you can choose from a large number of virtual desktop, you can turn more download from our website. Audacity 2.1”>RockIt Pro DJ 5

vergevorderdDesktop Locker prevent access to Task Manager (CTRL + ALT + DEL), (Alt + F4), …
. If prevent your computer gesluitom people closing the locker.

You can lock your desktopmany virtual desktop types, you can use transparent box, color locker and virtual desktop locker, you can adjust easily every type of lockers.

With this software no one can access your icons on the desktop, applications and documents.

vergevorderdDesktop Locker (ADL) Highlights:

– Prevent access to your desktop with a single click.

– Create a virtual desktop

– Ability to ADLdraai to start Windows.

– It ‘s impossible for anyone to access your locked desktop

– Preventaccess to the Task Manager (CTRL + ALT + DEL), (Alt + F4)

– Record function, click and mouse adl take balidongpassword entrance.

– Leave messages on locked desktop.

– Protect with a password uwADL options.

– Ability to occur near ADL without a valid password.

– Match each type of lockers easy. Prezi desktop 5 FULL download

– Interface.



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Advanced Desktop Locker Pro 6

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