ZPN Connect 2 Download

ZPN Connect 2 Download


ZPN Connect is a free VPN client that you can safely connect to the Internet, even over unsecured connections such as public WLAN hotspot.
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In addition, the VPN app allows you to put a block on certain websites from schools, employers or governments, to access what you want, wherever you are. This software is designed as a client for ZPN of the VPN service, which has both free and paid options.

The client

Optical ZPN ConnectisNot much to look at, but also it is simple, it is very functional. You may find that your connection statistics are at a glance on the display and the settings change through a series of menus. What is clear is that the changes to the settings are not applied until you restart, so be sure to close it before proceeding. Everything else about the customer is clear and simple. However, understanding it. While running, the serbisyomaaasahan; Like any otherVPN, you can see a certain reduction in connection speed, but this is the low price to pay for online privacy.

after all

If you need a simple, easy to use as a VPN client, ZPN Connect is a solid choice. It does not have much material support, so if you do not know much about VPN could be a good idea to know the selection of a novice friendly option.


ZPN Connect 2

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